About Us

Finest Edge Sharpening Service Limited sharpens and services the tools of your trade and supplies a range of hand chosen high quality scissors, clipper blades and accessories created specifically to meet the needs of busy hairdressers and groomers. We are confident that all the products in the Love S&B range, and the brands handpicked by us, deliver a winning combination of outstanding performance and exceptional value.

The Love S&B brand was created by the founders of Finest Edge, a successful business providing sharpening services to animal groomers, and later hairdressers and barbers.

After many years of daily interactions with dog groomers and hairdressers, having gained a clear understanding of their needs, the Love S&B brand was born. Our range of scissors and clipper blades encompasses features and benefits valued by our clients, whether for salon trims or high-end hairdressing.

All LOVE S&B scissors and clipper blades provide superb cutting performance and edge retention over extended periods. We have such confidence in the scissors we have selected that we are proud to put the Love S&B name on them.